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Shot Selection System

Each shot players choose to shoot  have a score based on the percentage of probability that the shot is made. See how each shot chosen has an impact on the game's outcome.

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Practice & Game Congruency

In practice, simulate as many possible in-game scenarios as you can. Go over and over them. When one of those scenarios comes up in a high-tension game situation, your players will instinctively know how to handle them.

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Inspiring Your Personnel

Motivation and morale are everything! The attitude and energy of the team are based on those of the coach. See the best ways to motivate and energize your team and how they relate to winning.

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A Winning Formula Including 5 Priorities

Include these 5 priorities in every practice and game to give your team a noticeable edge.

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Player Efficiency System

The statistical analysis of positive and negative impacts each player has on a game's outcome. All decisions, good and bad, have a percentage score and influence on the game as a whole.

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Offensive Efficiency

The choice of shots taken (or not taken), end-of-game strategies, time-out & shot clock strategies and other implementations offer your team the best offensive efficiency.

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